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Select your Bed Frame
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Select your Bed Slat Solution
Step 3
Customise your bed frame if required

Custom Oak Bed Frames

We are able customise any of our Oak Beds

Making small changes to your bed frame can improve Living Space, Usability and Practicality

We want you to be able to get the ideal sized bed frame for your individual needs that allows you to optimise the living space you have in your room. We can help whether you want a short, long, narrow or wide bed frame. We specialise in custom size, space saving, practical beds that will fit even in the most awkward spaces

Whilst the customisable options may differ between bed designs, you can usually expect to be able to customise your bed in the following ways:

Customise Length and Width of the Bed Frame? 

We can manufacture your bed Longer; Shorter, Wider or Narrower.

Adjusting the Length of you bed frame

This is ideal if

  • Restricted for Walking space in the room
  • Need to fit within a restricted space
  • If you are tall and your feet hang off the bed
  • You have a box room and want your bed to fit in the opposite direction
  • Zip and link Mattresses
  • Mattress Recessed within the bed frame
  • The width and length of the bed frame/bedstead, so that it matches the size of the mattress if you wish

Adjusting the Height Bed Frame?

You can completely change the look of your bed, buy changing the height of the bed legs

Practical to get in and out of bed

Allowing you to have a high or low bed

Trying to find a solution on an existing frame will never be as steady or as visually pleasing

Storage Space

The under-storage capacity of your solid oak bed, is an ideal space to utilise. Find your ideal underbed storage solution and we will ensure it will fit

Re-enforced Beds

There are many manufacturing technics to strengthen and re-force our bed frames. We can re-enforce the bed corner connections, bed slat support ledges, bed centre rail, add a Centre Rail Foot, use Cross Rails, Heavy Duty Bed Slats, or use deeper bed rail rails

We tend to get this requester for Heavy Sleepers or customers with Heavy Mattress. We tend to re-enforce our Emperor and Caesar size beds as standard, due to the size

Beds with Level Adjusters

We can integrate Levelling Adjusters to the base of our bed Legs; ideal for Uneven Floor, Sagging Floor, Sloping/ Slanting Floor 

Movable Beds

We can add casters to all four bed legs or the two back bed legs. This is ideal for Cleaning or when using  Zip and Link Mattress.

Increase the Depth of the Side Rails

This option is perfect

  • If you want your mattress to sit slightly within the frame; to stop it for moving
  • Re-enforce the bed

Heavy duty sprung slats

8mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats are standard in the bedding Industry. We can also offer 12mm Heavy Duty Beech Sprung bed Slats with all of our bed frames. These Sprung Slats will be firmer and more durable then standard slats. They are also a good solution for those that want to re-enforce their bed frames


Bed Manufacturers around the world are constantly trying to cut costs. The larger the bed manufacture, the more likely they are using bad practice. The easiest way is to reduce cost is to reduce the number of slats beneath the Mattress; as they are not visible to the end user.

We believe an end user is happy to pay extra to go from an average bed bases to an extra ordinary bed base

We manufacture great quality beds and do not cut on cost making our bed superior. We allow the customer to pick the bed slats solution. 

All our bed frames are available with

  • Solid Pine Bed Slats
  • Solid Premium Beech Bed Slats
  • A range of slatted bed bases with Sprung bed slats

Flatbed slats with make you mattress feel firmer; whilst sprung bed slats will make your mattress feel softer.

Although all our beds are customisable and made to order, you can be assured that they fit standard mattress sizes perfectly.

"Space is of premium, so use it wisely"