Step 1
Select your Bed Frame
Step 2
Select your Bed Slat Solution
Step 3
Customise your bed frame if required

Custom Oak Bed Frames 

We manufacture and customised Oak Beds

What is customisable?

While the customisable options may differ between bed designs, you can usually expect to be able to customise your bed in the following ways:

• The length of your solid oak bed

• The width of your solid oak bed

• The height of the bed rails, giving you the option of having a mattress that sits entirely within the frame

• The width and length of the bed frame/bedstead, so that it matches the size of the mattress if you wish

• The height of your solid oak bed’s legs/feet, allowing you to have a high or low bed

• The under-storage capacity of your solid oak bed

• Your choice of slatted bed base – beech sprung bed slat or Flat bed slats Sets

Although all our beds are customisable and made to order, you can be assured that they fit standard mattress sizes perfectly.