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Customise your bed frame if required

Looking for a bed that is exactly the same size as your Mattress?

It is quite difficult to purchase a bed that is exactly the same size as the mattress.

Many companies (especially online) fail to state the exact width and length of the bed frame itself. They simply state "double bed or king bed". We have experienced this on several occasions.

Your mattress can sit within your bed frame, making it longer and wider or your mattress can sit on top of your bed frame, consequently less space is required.

Many people are very tight for space; especially our clients in Central London where space is of a premium.

Other customers simply don't want their bed frame to be sticking outside of their mattress too much

The table below list the sizes of Standard Size UK Mattresses

Standard UK Mattress  Width                     Length           
Small Single 2ft 6 750mm 1900mm
Single 3ft 900mm 1900mm
Small Double 4ft 1200mm 1900mm
Double 4ft 6 1350mm 1900mm
King 5ft 1500mm 2000mm
Super King 6ft 1800mm 2000mm

Our Recommendations
- Make sure you double check the actual size of the frame; not just the mattress size.
- If you have your bed frame the same size as your mattress you are less likely to knock your shins on the bed frame.
- If you are tight for space; make sure you can get the bed into the room and actually assemble there.
- Double check with the mattress retailer/ manufacturer the exact size of the mattress. We have seen many mattress manufacturers that don’t know what they are doing ; 3ft is 914.4mm in metric sizes, however in mattress terms a 3ft single mattress will be 900mm.
- Make sure the space between the slats of your new bed base are suitable for your mattress.