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Select your Bed Frame
Step 2
Select your Bed Slat Solution
Step 3
Customise your bed frame if required

Purchasing a wooden bed frame for a Zip and Link Mattress - Checklist

The main advantage of purchasing a zip and link mattress is that it the offers the flexibility of being able to split one large bed into two smaller beds.  Zip and Link Mattress are commonly used for King-size and Super-King size beds.

These are ideal for Guest Rooms, Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels. Zip and Link mattresses are also great for accessibility; if you have restricted access like a Loft Room or a Spiral Staircase.  They are also ideal when you using Adjustable Slatted Bed Bases.

A King-size Mattress wide will turn into two Small Single size Mattresses and a Super-King Size Mattress will turn into two Single beds.

King Size Mattress (1500mm) = Small Single (750mm + 750mm)

Super King Size Mattress (1800mm) = Single (900mm + 900mm)

You need to be very careful when selecting the length

A Standard Small Single 2ft 6 and Single 3ft bed is usually 1900mm/ 6ft 3 Long

A Standard King-size 5ft and Super King size 6ft bed is usually 2000mm/ 6ft 6 Long

You need to decide if want your bed frame and mattress to be 1900mm or 2000mm.

Bed Frame Checklist

  • Ideally you want the bed frame to be the same overall size as the mattress

For Example

If you have a Standard King Size Mattress 1500mm x 2000mm

You also want the overall size of the bed frame to be 1500mm x 2000mm

If the bed frame is larger, there will be a gap in between the mattresses when the beds are connected

  • You want to ensure the bed base or bed slats are the same height as the bed side rails

The Mattress will not sit correct, you will also be able to feel a rigid bump on the middle of the beds when they are connected 

  • Check the Length of the Bed Frame and Mattress are the same
  • Ensure there is a Bed Link System is place

This will stop the beds frames moving apart when the bed frames are connected